Jinsong Zhang (张劲松)

jinszhang at tju.edu.cn [Github] [Google Scholar]

About me

I am a third year Ph.D student at College of intelligence and computing, Tianjin University, China. I am advised by Kun Li. I focus on image synthesis.
  • Visit Igarashi's lab of University of Tokyo, and supervised by [Takeo IGARASHI] in Oct. 2023 .

  • Finished Visiting in Tsinghua University and made a lot of friends in Dec. 2022.

  • Visit [Sigma Lab] in Tsinghua University in July 2022.


Aug. 2021 - , Ph.D Student in College of intelligence and computing, Tianjin University

Oct. 2023 - , Visit [IGARASHI Lab], University of Tokyo

Jun. 2022 - Dec. 2022, Visit [Sigma Lab], Tsinghua University

Aug. 2018 - Jul. 2021, Master Student in Tianjin International Engineering Institute, Tianjin University

Aug. 2014 - Jul. 2018, Bachelor of Engineering in School of Mathematics, Tianjin University


Multi-scale information transport generative adversarial network for human pose transfer
Jinsong Zhang, Yu-Kun Lai, Jian Ma, Kun Li
In Displays 2024 [Code]

Towards Grouping in Large Scenes with Occlusion-aware Spatio-temporal Transformers
Jinsong Zhang, Lingfeng Gu, Yu-Kun Lai, Xueyang Wang, Kun Li
In TCSVT 2023 [Project Page]

PISE: Person Image Synthesis and Editing with Decoupled GAN
Jinsong Zhang, Kun Li, Yu-Kun Lai, Jingyu Yang
In CVPR 2021 [Project Page]

PoNA: Pose-guided Non-local Attention for Human Pose Transfer
Kun Li*, Jinsong Zhang*, Yebin Liu, Yu-Kun Lai, Qionghai Dai (*=equal contribution)
In TIP 2020 [Project Page]

Human Pose Transfer by Adaptive Hierarchical Deformation
Jinsong Zhang, Xingzi Liu, Kun Li* (*=corresponding author)
In CGF(PG) 2020 [Project Page]

High-Quality Animatable Dynamic Garment Reconstruction from Monocular Videos
Xiongzheng Li, Jinsong Zhang, Yu-Kun Lai, Jingyu Yang, Kun Li
In IEEE T-CSVT 2023 [Project Page]

MH-HMR: Human mesh recovery from monocular images via multi-hypothesis learning
Haibiao Xuan, Jinsong Zhang, Yu-Kun Lai, Kun Li
In CAAI TRIT 2023 [Project Page]

Narrator: Towards Natural Control of Human-Scene Interaction Generation via Relationship Reasoning
Haibiao Xuan, Xiongzheng Li, Jinsong Zhang, Hongwen Zhang, Yebin Liu, Kun Li
In ICCV 2023 [Project Page]

High-Fidelity Human Avatars from a Single RGB Camera
Hao Zhao, Jinsong Zhang, Yu-Kun Lai, Zerong Zheng, Yingdi Xie, Yebin Liu, Kun Li
In CVPR 2022 [Project Page]

Learning Semantic-Aware Disentangled Representation for Flexible 3D Human Body Editing
Xiaokun Sun, Qiao Feng, Xiongzheng Li,Jinsong Zhang, Yu-Kun Lai, Jingyu Yang, Kun Li
In CVPR 2023 [Project Page]

MHPro: Multi-Hypothesis Probabilistic Modeling for Human Mesh Recovery
Haibiao Xuan, Jinsong Zhang, Kun Li
In CICAI 2022 (oral) [Project Page]

Learning to Infer Inner-Body under Clothing from Monocular Video
Xiongzheng Li, Jing Huang, Jinsong Zhang, Xiaokun Sun, Haibiao Xuan, Yu-Kun Lai, Yingdi Xie, Jingyu Yang, Kun Li
In TVCG 2022 [Project Page]

STATE: Learning Structure and Texture Representations for Novel View Synthesis
Xinyi Jing, Qiao Feng, Yu-Kun Lai, Jinsong Zhang, Yuanqiang Yu, Kun Li
In CVM 2022 [Project Page]


  • As an reviewer of journals: TIP, TMM, TCSVT
  • As an reviewer of conferences: CVPR, ICCV, ACMMM, CICAI